Solace Ministries has been actively involved in community based programs to improve the lives of people in Rwanda such as healthcare provision, counselling, youth programs, school sponsorship, housing and income generating programs.
Our motto is ‘Caring for orphans & widows’ in Rwanda.
These are highlights of some of the achievements of Solace Ministries since 1994.

December 1994: First set of meetings, prayers and mourning with eight (8) widows. The ministry was then called Comfort Ministries.

Regular counselling sessions began.
45 children supported for education.
Ministry takes the name of Solace Ministries and first draft of the constitution of the organisation was made.

In June 1996, Solace Ministries is pre-registered as a non-profit organisation with the Ministry of Justice in Rwanda.
Outreach programs are established in Kayonza, Rwamagana and Murambi.

Outreach programs to Nyamata, Eastern province of Rwanda.
The first goats (income generating program) were distributed in 1997 in Rwamagana.

Acquisition of the land (Solace Ministries Headquarters) in Kacyiru, Kigali.
Solace Ministries Communities multiply in Kigali.

Building of the Solace Ministries Center starts in Kacyiru, Kigali.
Intervention by Solace Ministries for hundreds of widows’ families that were starving in Bugesera, Kayonza and Nyagasambu by supplying food and agriculture input.

The first children and youth camps for trauma healing, using games, bible teachings and sports was organized in Kigali in August 2000.
December, Solace Christian Counselling Center started to operate with two rooms and a small meeting hall.

A program for supporting Orphan headed household was started in Kigali and Gasabo.

Extension of our programs to communities in the South and outer Kigali, Nyarugenge district.
Special program for victims of sexual abuse and HIV/AIDS starts with community home-based care.
Capacity building for staff and community leaders begins.

Solace Ministries is fully registered in the Ministry of Justice (Ministerial Order No. 015/11 of 10/02/03)
Indigenous initiative for income generation. Groups of women including People Living with AIDS (PLWA) start programs for sewing, soap making, agriculture, baskets and other handicrafts.
Launch of a pilot cow project in Nyanza.
Stories and testimonies are began to be collected and made into a compilation for memory conservation.
Start of the construction of the main hall and offices in Kigali.

Solace Ministries now has 42 communities of widows and orphans, with a total of 350 people living with aids under our care.
Community based development programs start.
The Care and treatment program for women and young girls suffering from AIDS due to sexual abuse during the genocide starts in May 2004.

The school sponsorship program for orphans is started.
The first building construction at the headquarters in Kigali is finished (now the Guest House)
The staff increases to 12 permanent employees

With the help of PACFA and SURF, the Care and Treatment Project (CTP) starts.
German medical team of specialists visit to assist with healthcare.
A demonstration farm is started in Kabuga with six (6) dairy cows.

Solace Ministries is now operating in 54 communities, with 5,326 families of widows and orphans. The amazing aspect of the new communities is that they were all started by the widows themselves, who have been supported through Solace Ministries.
3 demonstration farms are now operational in the 3 main regional centers: Kabuga, Nyamata and Nyanza.

11 houses for homeless families were completed in Nyamata.
Nyamata Hall, a donation from Drop Inn Ministries, is opened in September 2008.

The number of families supported reached 8,900 in 59 communities spread across Rwanda.
The construction of the Solace Medical Clinic in Kabuga begins.

In agreement with the Rwanda Ministry of Health, Solace Medical Clinic was recognized as an accredited health Center which is open to all.

Inauguration of the Solace Medical Clinic in Kabuga by Honorable Dr. Richard Sezibera, Minister of Health on March 20th 2011. It was a donation by Drop Inn Ministries, their branch of Isle of Man in the UK.
The year 2011 focused on empowering communities of widows and orphans to reach a sustainable economic status and become self-employed.
A good number of orphans that were supported by Solace Ministries began having families of their own. This is an important step in giving hope and joy.

Socio-economic development at the community level has undertaken a new direction with the use of loans for micro business and agriculture. Training in entrepreneurship has also been carried out.

With the new law on non-government organizations Solace Ministries is now registered as a religious based organization.
The main Hall at Solace Center, OAK TREE HALL, is completed.

Building extension of the clinic at Kabuga started.
Solace Memory Center and Library opened.

Kabuga Hall is finished and in use.
Solace Medical Center extension completed to the first floor.
Jubilee celebrations on the 15th September 2015
Number of families cared for, 8,140. Number of communities, 58. Number of orphan headed households, 57.

2016 – Present

  • Solace Ministries has helped about 9,000 families of widows and orphans to restore hope and improve their living conditions through a holistic approach with its various programs.
  • We have organized survivors into 60 communities across Rwanda, acting as alternative families. The communities are located in 11 Districts in Rwanda.
  • With regards to education and school sponsorship, more than 4,500 orphans have been enabled to attend formal and informal education of whom 314 have graduated from university.
  • On-going construction of the 40 bed Polyclinic/Maternity Unit.
  • We have empowered the communities with various income generating activities, such as farming, livestock and small businesses, to enable them become self-reliant. Our micro loan scheme, which started in 2012, has reached a total of RWF 314,000,000 ($336,000) loaned out.
  • Solace Ministries has a head office and 4 operational regional centers.  The head office is in Kigali which also contains a Guest House.  The total number of permanent staff is 74.
  • We have local and international partners and also work together with friends, Churches and organizations from Rwanda, USA, Canada, UK, Nigeria, Netherlands and Germany.