Covid19 Measures

The Solace Medical Clinic (Health Center) in Kabuga, Rwanda, is open and currently overwhelmed with patients. The healthcare staff and ambulance are working overtime.
We receive on average 102 people per day, who come seeking various preventive and curative healthcare services.
The healthcare staff currently consists of eleven (11) Nurses and one part-time Medical Doctor who comes in once a week. We are in need of more healthcare staff to provide adequate services.
During this Covid-19 outbreak, we urgently need more Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), hand sanitizers, face masks, gloves, tap and wash stations in every corner of the health clinic, emergency medication and medical equipment.
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Solace Medical Clinic

Solace Ministries and its staff are adhering to the Republic of Rwanda Ministry of Health policy on Covid-19 Virus with heightened vigilance continuing to be observed.
Solace Ministries staff are now working from home and advised against non-essential movements outside their homes. They are also advised to observe the instructions of health authorities, particularly washing hands regularly and social distancing.

The key symptoms of Covid-19 virus are dry cough, shortness of breath and fever. Anyone experiencing these symptoms should call a health professional. In Rwanda, call the toll-free number 114 or dial *114# for automated screening. You can also email or send a WhatsApp message to +250 788202080.

Let us continue to work together to defeat this pandemic.

For more health information, fact-sheets, brochures and posters, Click Here on Covid-19 Africa CDC.