Income Generating Program

Solace Ministries has in its aims and objectives, the rebuilding of its members through counselling and supporting their progress with Income Generating Activities (IGA). As part of its aims for the IGA, is to give at least a cow to each poor beneficiary of Solace Ministries, who has not got one already, in order for them to get milk and manure to fertilize their land. Another aim is to promote business and entrepreneurship among its beneficiaries so each one will be able to earn 120,000 RWF (Rwandan francs) ($160) per month.

Animal husbandry has proven to be one of the most efficient tools to improve the economic status of the small farmers. The manure is used as a fertilizer for the small plots of land they own and this increases the production of crops. The animals are the source of rich food in protein (through the meat and milk) and of income when they are sold. Animals given to the widow and orphans, gives them a feeling of dignity (pertaining from cultural tradition) and this helps in the process of healing from trauma.

In cases of those suffering from HIV/AIDS, milk is a valuable resource for the daily need for food support especially when they are under ART and other medication.

The main objective of Solace Ministries through this project is to comfort people through fighting against poverty among its beneficiaries by providing them dairy cows and other animals such as goats.

Typically, most orphans and widows own their own farm-able land but unfortunately they do not have the funds to cultivate the land and grow crops. With the assistance of agricultural micro loans, they are now able to make use of their land effectively and sell their harvest at the market for income and repay their loans which is then recycled.