Solace Medical Clinic

Construction of the Solace Medical Clinic and Maternity Unit is currently on-going and approved by the Rwanda Ministry of Health. It is located in Rusororo Sector, Kabuga Cell in Rwanda and serves a population of over 50,000 people.

The medical work at Solace Ministries started in 2004, in a small room at Solace Ministries offices in Kigali, to address mainly the needs of HIV/AIDS affected women and young girls as a result of sexual violence during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. At the time, a care and treatment scheme was initiated for the 800 beneficiaries who suffered from the disease.

The medical work grew to include general medical care and due to the demand, there was a need to build a clinic. As a response to this need, the current functioning Solace Medical Clinic was built and completed by Drop Inn Ministries in 2011.

With the current Clinic serving a growing population of 50,000 people and providing a growing range of medical services such as immunization, antenatal care, general medical services, laboratory services among others, there is now a need to build a bigger facility to adequately serve the population hence the current construction of the 40 bed Solace Medical Polyclinic/Maternity Unit.

When completed, it will consist of 5 delivery rooms, 2 operating theaters, 6 consultation rooms for family practice, 2 consultation rooms for maternity care, 5 postnatal rooms (6 beds), 12 private beds (to help subsidize the other beds), Men’s ward (6 beds), Children ward (8 beds) and Women’s ward (8 beds). Total of 40 beds.

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