Childcare and development

With our Childcare and Development program, we offer a brighter future to children in Rwanda

We make school fees sponsorship available so that children from disadvantaged families can escape the vicious cycle.

Education for a better future

A whole year of education for a child in primary school often costs only around 100€ and in secondary school around 250€ per year. Without the basic knowledge taught in primary education, children have no chance of facing a different future than their parents. This means only being able to live from subsistence agriculture and having no option for a better life.

Over 80% of a child’s brain is formed in the first 1000 days. Parents are often forced to work, leaving babies with their siblings or so-called ECD-Centers. These are often overcrowded, and lacking toys, nutrition, equipment, and trained personnel. We fight these challenges, by providing ECD-Centers with the necessary equipment and offering trainings for the caretakers.

By training and facilitating caregivers of “Early Childhood development centers” (ECD) we help malnourished and stunted children to develop.

Nutrition for a proper development

There is so much more to explore about us. For example, you could check out our other programs or learn more about ways to support us.

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