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You can support us in multiple ways:

  1. You can donate money to a certain project or in general by using the donation forms provided on this website
  2. You can also just tell us about your idea how you want to support us, and we can brainstorm together.
  3. You can tell your friends, colleagues and family about us.
  4. You can choose to stay in our wonderful Guest House. All the profits achieved with the guest house are used to support our initiatives.

You can write us to the E-Mail mentioned above with your desired time period and your interests in which areas you would like to volunteer. We will reach out to you to discuss further details.

Without contributions like yours, we would not be able to held up all the programs and initiatives, which we established in the last years. Especially during and after Covid-19, we had to face a decline in Contributions. Therefore your contribution is especially appreciated.

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