Community-based development

With our Community-based Development program, we help Rwandans to help themselves

We provide micro-loans, that help small farmers to increase their harvest and their future income.

Helping to help yourself
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For our income-generating activities, we try to not only provide our beneficiaries with the necessary monetary support, but also to build the capacities they need in order to successfully use the money. Depending on the type of support and the experience and abilities of the beneficiary this can be the following:

Training on business plans and entrepreneurship (especially for non-agricultural loans)
Guidance on agribusiness through Solace demonstration farms
Training on savings and how to become independent from monetary support
Promotion of cultivating new, more profitable crops (e.g. coffee, rice, …)
Providing necessary equipment

Often, families own small pieces of agricultural land but lack the resources to fully cultivate it. By providing agricultural micro-loans ranging from 25-50€, they can buy the necessary equipment, seeds, fertilizer, or manpower and repay the loan with a surplus after the harvest.

When Solace Ministries started giving out livestock like chickens, pigs, goats, and cows, our primary goal was to ensure nutrition combined with the opportunity to grow this livestock. It was after the implementation, that we realized how helpful it is in fighting loneliness, especially for elder people, and giving them a purposeful task.

Our livestock program has two main advantages. It offers not only life-saving nutrition but also a purposeful task.

Livestock to give back purpose
See a picture of our Goat Distribution in 2019

Giving shelter to the homeless, and renovating or repairing houses in our Communities is part of our shelter program

See some examples of our Shelter Program

To live in a home where people don’t freeze, where they are not exposed to humidity and mold, where they can cook proper nutrition and sleep properly, and where they are safe. This is for us the prerequisite to a self-sustained life and future.

There is so much more to explore about us. For example, you could check out our other programs or learn more about ways to support us.

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